Learn about Decolonization

Decolonization is the intelligent, calculated, and active resistance to the forces of colonialism that perpetuate the subjugation and/or exploitation of our minds, bodies, and lands. It is engaged for the ultimate purpose of overturning the colonial structure and realizing Indigenous liberation.*

For us non-native people - that is, for us settlers - how do we fight for social/environmental justice in a way that recognizes the dignity and sovereignty of Indigenous peoples, who are still around today? We would be very wise to take up the Allyship & Solidarity guidelines created by one of the leading think-tanks for decolonization, Unsettling America. Here's the first guideline, to give you an idea:

All people not indigenous to North America who are living on this continent are settlers on stolen land. We acknowledge that Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, and Central & South America were founded through genocide and colonization of indigenous peoples–which continues today and from which settlers directly benefit.

*Definition by For Indigenous Eyes Only: A Decolonization HandbookWaziyatawin Angela Wilson and Michael Yellow Bird. (C) 2005 School of American Research.