Elect environmentalists to Democratic Delegation for AD15

contra-costa-hills-flaring.jpgRegistered Democrats in the 15th Assembly District can help shape environmental policy at the state level. Your vote for the Democratic Delegate slate can have a profound impact on East Bay communities. Two members of our environmental community, Charlie Davidson and Jess Dervin-Ackerman, are on the “California’s Future" slate. If you live in the district (see district map) and are a registered Democrat, we urge you to support them. These are the only candidates who are endorsed by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond.

Learn more about the California's Future slate here.

Please note:

  • Registration opens at 2pm and closes at 4pm. You must be in line before 4pm if you want to be able to vote.
  • There is a $5 registration fee but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.
  • Once you register you can vote and leave, or you can stay to hear the candidates speak from 4pm to 5pm before casting your ballot.

An excerpt of Charlie Davidson's statement
Vote for us, the 14-person “California’s Future" slate” and we will fight for vital local issues, such as keeping Doctors Medical Center open and statewide issues, such as a fracking ban, clean energy legislation and a wide host of progressive issues. We stand for the grass roots struggle for a better world, not Democratic Party psuedo-liberal boilerplate, that is mostly with no deep personal commitment and no concerted interest in defending the interests of the working class.

An excerpt of Jess Dervin-Ackerman’s statement
I am running to be a delegate because the California Democratic Party needs new grassroots progressive leadership. My slate of delegates, California’s Future, can help provide that leadership for AD15 and the Democratic Party. As a young woman activist, I am ready to lead a new generation of Democrats focused on social, racial, economic, and environmental justice for California.

January 10, 2015 at 2pm - 4pm
Albany Community Center
1249 Marin Ave
Albany, CA 94706
United States
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