Air District workshop on rule regulating air contaminants, January- February

lung-mri-cancer-masses-350.jpgThe Air District will host a workshop in Richmond to review and discuss revisions to Regulation 2, Rule 5. This rule implements the District’s new source review (NSR) program for stationary sources of toxic air contaminant (TAC) emissions.

The rule requires health risk assessments (HRAs) for new and modified sources if the toxic emissions from a proposed project will exceed specified trigger levels. It also mitigates potential increases in public health risks by requiring best available control technology for toxics (TBACT) and by limiting project health risks. Finally, the rule delineates procedures for calculating toxic air contaminant emissions and for evaluating health impacts that may result from proposed projects.

For more details on the workshop, and time of place of workshops in Redwood City and San Jose, please download the workshop notice. (PDF)

Download the current version of Regulation 2, Rule 5 (2010), which describes monitoring and reporting requirements, and lists more than 200 chemical air contaminants and their trigger levels.

Pictured: MRI of lungs. Light areas indicate cancer masses.

February 4, 6-8 PM
East Bay Center for the Performing Arts 339 11th St Richmond, CA 94801