Animals Against Extinction

composite photos of people painting signsWe are living through the Sixth Extinction. The last extinction occurred 60 million years ago, when dinosaurs vanished in what, by evolutionary standards, was the blink of an eye.

But it was nothing like the blink in which species are disappearing today. We are in the midst of a mass die-off of plants and animals that is primarily due to human activity: habitat loss, destructive agricultural practices, introduction of non-native and invasive species, and more.

Climate change is the coupe de grace. Although scientists differ on the exact numbers, they agree that 20% to 50% of all plant and animal species living today will be extinct within this century. Unless we take action now.

Corporate media acknowledges the most obvious part of the climate change crisis—extreme weather patterns—but species extinction is slowly breaking into the mainstream of public consciousness. And that is why we formed Animals Against Extinction. We are committed to elevating the awareness of the crisis in a bold, beautiful and exciting way.

We welcome your creativity and energy!

To learn how to get involved in our work, please contact us:
Katy Polony:  katypolony [at] • 510 499-8889
Melissa Murphy:   meliyoga [at]
Jan Cecil:  jancecil8 [at]

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