Art-making for the Real Climate Leadership March: Every Sunday in Oakland

banner-pntng-2-men.jpgArt will be a major element of the March for Real Climate Leadership, on Feb. 7. If you want to help with the arts, but aren’t sure how, come to one of our arts parties. Every Sunday until the march from 10am-3pm we’re getting together to make banners, signs, stencils, puppets and more! You don’t need any experience to help out — just show up, wear painting clothes, and bring snacks/drinks to share!

WHAT: Make banners, signs, puppets and more for the March for Real Climate Leadership.

WHEN: From 10am to 3pm, every Sunday until the March on Feb. 7th. 

WHERE: Greenpeace Warehouse, 955 7th St., Oakland (a few blocks from West Oakland BART).

Learn more about the art parties. (Spoiler alert: You'll need clothes you don't mind getting messy.)

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