The roster of Sunflower Alliance campaigns is dynamic. Our campaigns surge and recede in response to the threats and opportunities of the changing physical, political and social environments. Though their focus is diverse, they share a common goal: stopping the expansion of the fossil fuel industries in our region, while pursuing climate justice for communities affected by those industries.

The MORE links following each campaign description takes you a page for more detail and information about getting involved.


Animals Against Extinction

animals-extinction-banner-300w.jpgThrough bannering, costume and mask creation, and other high-visibility actions, this campaign spotlights the mass extinction of species that is occurring right now. And of course, among those species is our own, Homo sapiens sapiens. (And who are we kidding with that name?)  MORE >

BAAQMD Coalition

emissions-from-stack.jpgThis group of dedicated activists analyze and respond to the regulatory actions of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Because lobbying at Air District public meetings is critical, this coalition is eager to recruit others ready to acquaint themselves with the complexities of regulation and to voice our concerns in the public forum.  MORE >

Chevron Watch

chevron-fire-panorama.jpgChevron is the largest corporate emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. Chevron Watch's goal is to help Chevron reduce its carbon footprint and its release of toxins. Chevron Watch supports increased air monitoring and warning systems in Richmond, lobbies for more reliable refinery systems, and works in alliance with Richmond community groups.  MORE >

Coal: Oakland Fossil Fuel Resistance

coal-rail-car.jpgThe current focus of this campaign is to stop the threat of new exports of coal going through the port of Oakland, in spite of the City Council, the Mayor and numerous other politicians "saying" they don't want this new threat.  MORE >


Educational Campaign

climate-workshop-200.jpgThis campaign strives to broaden the public’s understanding of climate change issues. Two initiatives address that goal. The People’s Climate Curriculum is an interactive workshop that helps participants examine the key facts of climate change. The second initiative, the Climate Courage Forum, offers newcomers to the climate movement an overview of local activities and actions in which they may want to get involved.  MORE >

Labor Campaign

tesoro-steelworkers-strike-200.jpgFrom extraction to transportation, from refining to distribution, workers in many different industries are directly threatened by the dangers linked to our society’s fossil fuel addiction. The goal of this campaign is to build alliances and support actions that protect workers.  MORE >


Refinery Corridor Communities

pamela-a-canvassing-200.jpgContra Costa County is the home of 4 refineries; another refinery is located in Solano County. In practice, this "campaign" evolves into distinct campaigns that coalesce in cities where refinery projects are proposed. We work with activists in these local communities to resist the build-out of refineries to handle more, dirtier grades of crude oil.  MORE >