Join EJ activists at EPA for a cleaner Clean Power Plan, Jan 19

Images of environmental assaultsJoin the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) to physically deliver the requests of environmental justice (EJ) activists for more time to help shape the Clean Power Plan. EPA’s Clean Power Plan, aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions, will be enacted by states and the EPA itself. The Federal Implementation Plan and model rules that EPA has proposed could make pollution trading the law of the land, and fail to support a just transition to a clean energy future. 

Launched in solidarity with EJ communities around the country, this local action aligns with a common goal: to adopt an implementation of the Clean Power Plan that will bring real pollution reductions, real improvements in energy efficiency and power generation, real community benefits, and a real power shift. 


CJA’s Our Power Campaign is uniting communities nationwide to demand a Just Transition to a new economy that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the source, restore equity, and put decision-making in the hands of communities. The Clean Power Plan, which is the federal government’s first effort at regulating greenhouse gases from existing power plants, represents an important first step in confronting climate change, but it does not go far enough, and in some instances may exacerbate harm EJ communities are already suffering from extraction and burning of fuels. In response to the CPP, CJA is offering the Our Power Plan. We believe that the solutions to the climate crisis are present in the creativity, innovation, resourcefulness and determination that can be found in frontline, environmental justice communities. We urge federal and state decision-makers to assure that frontline environmental justice communities and workers be primary stakeholders in the implementation process of the CPP.

The goal of CJA’s Our Power Plan is to empower communities working for a Just Transition to a clean energy future by organizing to protect the integrity of the CPP and ensuring Federal and State Implementation Plans adhere to principles of environmental justice.

Specifically we seek to:

  1. Strengthen organizing in environmental justice communities by building grassroots power around Just Transition strategies.
  2. Assure that EJ provisions are in Federal and State Implementation Plans and multi-state processes;
  3. Assure that carbon emissions are reduced and regulated at the source of pollution to protect frontline communities;
  4. Urge reduction of co-pollutant emissions as well as greenhouse gases;
  5. Eliminate loopholes that incentivize other extractive, dirty energy options such as natural gas, biomass, waste incineration, nuclear, etc.;
  6. Assure that energy conservation, efficiency, solar, wind and energy storage, zero waste, public transportation, ecosystem restoration, and regenerative plant-based organic agriculture are prioritized as carbon reduction strategies;
  7. Assure that the CPP maximizes creation of quality, good-paying jobs and that communities of color and poverty have access to the jobs created through CPP implementation.
January 19, 2016 at 10:30am - 11:30am
EPA Region 9 Office
75 Hawthorne St
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States
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Shana Lazerow · · (510) 808-5898, x-106