Educational Campaign

rio-grande.jpgThe once mighty Rio Grande, New Mexico, 2012.

Are you interested in helping people understand why climate change is occurring and what can be done about it? Do you know people who want to get involved but may not know where to start? Our Educational Campaign offers two initiatives that address those questions.

People's Climate Curriculum

Every mass movement for change begins with a change in consciousness.  It involves a leap forward into a consciousness that says, “I am a subject, not an object.  I can act, I can do, I can create.” Educational tools which promote the development of this pro-active stance are crucial to the work of popular education. 

Our People’s Climate Curriculum educates through a method of teaching developed by Paulo Freire called dialogic pedagogy. The teacher/animator mingles among the participants. Together, through reflection, they critically examine social reality. Unlike traditional educational models in which participants are treated as objects to be taught, this interactive model attempts to counteract passivity and promote action. 

Climate change is part of everyone’s social reality.  Being literate in climate language helps us become empowered and thus, more able to solve the present crisis. Join us to learn more about The People’s Climate Curriculum and our educational campaign.

Download Climate Workshop brochure (PDF)

Who We Are (PDF)

Calling All High School Teachers (PDF)

Facilitator’s Guide (PDF)

Mary Strauss Letter of Recommendation (PDF)

Heather MacLeod Recommendation Letter (PDF)


Community presentations of People's Climate Curriculum

Date Location/Event Presenters
(person who set it up)
Number  of People
Nov, 2013 Strawberry Creek Lodge Laurie, (Laurie) About 50
Jan, 2014 Strawberry Creek Lodge Laurie, (Laurie) 45
Feb. 2014 Jewish Family Services Laurie, (Margaret R.) About 10
March, 2014 Dirty Energy, Clean Solutions Laurie About 20 - 30
Summer, 2014 House Party:Larry Shoup Laurie, (Larry) 6-8
Nov, 2014 Teachers for  Social Justice Conf. Heather, (Heather) About 20
Dec., 2014 Tri-Valley Democratic Club Colin, Heather, (Sharon) 12
Feb, 2015 Teachers in San Lorenzo Heather, (Diana) 8
March, 2015 Unitarian Universalist Church
San Francisco
Laurie, Sharon , Lisa, (Laurie) 40
April, 2015 SF Educators Conference Laurie, Anne D., Ann O., Michael B., (Laurie) 5
June, 2015 Piedmont Gardens Heather, Sharon, David, (David) 40
July, 2015 St. Paul Towers Laurie, David, Kit, Sharon, (David) 37


East Oakland Senior Center Laurie, David> Sharon, Heather, (Kit) 14
Sept. 2015 Bay Technology Middle School     Laurie, David, Sudi       2 classes of about 20 students each
Nov. 2015 West Oakland Senior Center  Laurie, David, Sharon, Heather about 9-10 people
Feb. 2016 North Oakland Community Charter School Parent Organization Laurie, David, Sharon, Heather  about 7 people


Climate Courage Forums

For many, climate activities seem way too complex, technical, and hopeless. Here's a great opportunity to grow the circle of climate action. Participants will meet others who share their concerns, learn what’s up locally, and clarify how they might want to use their skills and interests to contribute in humanity’s biggest effort.

The Climate Courage Forum meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Please check our Announcements to confirm, or contact Jan Cecil, jancecil8 at or 510-549-3509.