Environmental organizations sue to block Phillips 66 project at the Rodeo refinery

rodeo-p66-refinery.jpgIn early February the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors approved the Phillips 66 “Propane Recovery Project” at the Rodeo Refinery. On March 4th, Communities for a Better Environment sued Phillps and the County, charging that the project EIR failed to disclose that it is a tar-sands project, and neglected to analyze its cumulative impacts on air quality  Two local environmental organizations also filed separate lawsuits to block the project.

The CBE suit states that the County failed to require critical crude quality information and to mitigate the significant environmental, public health and safety impacts from Phillips 66’s "Propane Recovery Project" before approving it and issuing permits.

On March 5th, the Rodeo Citizens Association filed in against Contra Costa County and the Phillips 66. On that same day, Safe Fuel Energy Resources of California, a group representing workers at the Rodeo refinery, also sued the county and Phillips 66 over the failure to disclose the crude feed stock required for the project, and the failure of the EIR to analyze cumulative effects on the communities.

Ann Puntch, a Rodeo resident and member of the Sunflower Alliance, said, “Rodeo is already on toxic overload. (...) The Board of Supervisors failed us without explanation in approving this tar sands expansion project. Things can only get worse and adding further risks to our health and safety is outrageous.”

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