Occupy the Farm Mobilizing to Defend Gill Tract

planting-hands.jpgLand - especially the hella-good-for-growing-stuff kind - is power. Few understand this better than the folks over at Occupy  the Farm (OTF) in Albany. Since their victory against Whole Foods's incursion in 2012, another green-washing corporation, Sprouts "Farmers Market" (read: super-market), has come into town, threatening more soil-stripping development on the Gill Tract.

OTF has been using the Tract's acreage for people-centered development for years to create an experimental laboratory for sustainable agriculture, all while building community and growing good grub. Importantly, the Tract boasts the most fertile agricultural land in the East Bay.

This week, the struggle to preserve that land comes to a head, and we need all hands on deck! Occupy the Farm is asking for as many folks as possible to show up for the #GillTractDefense Rally and Press Conference at the Sprouts "Farmers Market" store in Walnut Creek at 1PM.

Here are three other actions you can take to help counter this deleterious development project:

  1. Call and email Ted Frumkin, Sprouts’ Senior Vice President of Business Development: tedfrumkin@sprouts.com; 602-682-1556
    • Tell him “DON’T BUILD YOUR NEW STORE ON THE GILL TRACT!”  Make sure they know that if they continue with their plans to pave over public farmland you will not shop at any of their stores, or invest in their stock, and will encourage others to join you in the boycott!
    • For more decision-makers at Sprouts and more information about the campaign, please see: http://www.boycottsprouts.com/#!contact/c1z0x
  2. Join the social media campaign. Take a photo of yourself with your definition of a farmer’s market, and tweet it to @sproutsfm Don’t pave over the Gill Tract for your greenwashed, union-busting supermarket! #BoycottSprouts #GillTractDefense #OccupyTheFarm
  3. Join the Emergency Bulldozer Response Team. OTF is trying to remain proactive in its strategy and response, but it's aware that the bulldozers may come any day to scrape away the top soil and lay concrete. They are preparing for active resistance on the land.

We implore you to show up in #solidarity with this most important of movement-building projects in the SF Bay Area / Ohlone Territories. All power to the people!

For more information on Occupy the Farm, visit their website here.