James Hanson: "Do scientists have a duty to expose popular misconceptions?"


Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power and Galileo: Do Scientists Have a Duty to Expose Popular Misconceptions?
By James E. Hanson

 “People who entreat the government to solve global warming but offer support only for renewable energies will be rewarded with the certainty that the U.S. and most of the world will be fracked-over, the dirtiest fossil fuels will be mined, mountaintop removal and mechanized long-wall coal mining will continue, the Arctic, Amazon and other pristine public lands will be violated, and the deepest oceans will be ploughed for fossil fuels. Politicians are not going to let the lights go out or stop economic growth."

Sunflower Alliance does not endorse the nuclear option, but offers this article as fuel for debate.

Download Hansen paper (PDF).