Crude-by-rail legislative measures


California Legislature
Two state assembly bills aim to tighten regulation of transporting crude by rail. Assembly Bill 380, would require railroads to report details of transport, routes, type of cargo, to state OES. Senate Bill 1319 would extend state oversight and prevention. Contra Costa Times (July 9, 2017)

Letter from City of Berkeley to Senator Feinstein
June 16, 2014. Urges steps to protect residents from dangers of increased transport of hazardous and volatile crude oil along West Coast rail corridors: removal of DOT-111 cars for transport of hazardous crude, use of alternate routes far from densely populated areas, and implementation of Governor Brown's safety recommendations (June 10, 2014).

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Resolution passed by Berkeley City Council
Opposing transportation of hazardous materials along California waterways, through densely populated areas, through the East Bay and Berkeley.

Governor Andrew Cuomo Executive Order #125
Directing departments of the state to strengthen oversight off shipments of petroleum products.

Resolution passed by City of Richmond, CA
Calls on Richmond's Congressional delegation to halt transport of crude-by-rail oil in U.S. until it is fully regulated.