Here's the Program for our Welcoming Event!

Meet, Eat, Drink, Dance

Saturday March 22, 6-10 PM
Redwood Gardens 2951 Derby St.

Our celebration is a tribute to activists who participated in our action at the Richmond Chevron Oil refinery on August 3rd, 2013. That event and their energy gave rise to the Sunflower Alliance. (Learn more about the Sunflower Alliance.)

We are a coalition dedicated to fighting climate chaos by taking on the fossil fuel industry in our own backyard. We welcome you to join us.

This Welcome Event will include presentations, dinner, entertainment, and dancing. It’s an opportunity to network with others who support climate and environmental justice work. Most important, we’ll relax and have some fun.

If you want to attend but haven't yet sent an RSVP, please use button at bottom.

A shuttle will pick up guests at the pick up zone on the west side of the Ashby BART Station between 5:30-6 pm only. Call Floyd at 415-300-0887.

Whoa! Way too much to remember? Have a flyer!



Overview of the Sunflower Alliance - Pam Glassoff/Andrés Soto
Affinity Groups as an Organizing Strategy - Michael Barglow, Eric Wilson, Christina Oatfield
Bay Area Fence Line Communities Get Organized - Nancy Rieser, Martin Mackerel
Richmond Progressive Alliance - Eduardo Martinez
U.C. Berkeley Activism: Divestment, Anti-Fracking, No on KXL - Victoria Fernandez
Education - Laurie Baumgarten

Updates for April and May Events

Healing Walk with Idle No More - Saturday, April 12
Earth Day Mass Mobilization - Saturday, April 19
Bay Area Climate Conference - Friday–Sunday, May 9–11



Walter Ogi Johnson - Native American Flute
Pennie Opal Plant - Idle No More
David Solnit - Cantastoria, A Climate Drama
Andrés Soto - Saxophone
Bonnie Lockhart and Nancy Schimmel of Occupella, Music of the Movement
Michael Margulis & Arthur Holden - Trumpet Rise Up Music

...and dancing!