New climate metrics raise the bar for progress

global-climate-map.gifThe methods for measuring effects of climate change are critical to dialogues about climate change and are at the heart of treaty negotiations and government policies. However, the currently used metrics date back to the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. This new report outlines more stringent metrics for evaluating climate-forcing gases.

The addendum to the report evaluates the EPA’s GHG Emissions Reduction Report. That report estimated the effects of conversion from coal to natural gas and continuing implementation of the Clean Air Act, for 2035, 2050 and 2100. According to the EPA, under the Kyoto metrics, CO2e emissions would decrease by 14%. However, under the new climate metrics, these emissions would actually increase by 135%.

Download report (PDF).

Report authors: Stanley P. Rhodes and Tobias Schultz, SCS Global Services.