Crude-by-rail updates and articles


Railroads sue California over new CBR rules
BNSF and Union Pacific have filed suit in federal court challenging a state law requiring railroads to develop oil spill prevention and response plans. The railroads argue that the federal government already has numerous safety measures governing hazardous materials transport. Sacramento Bee, Oct.10, 2014

North States' Communities Concern about CBR Hazards
"Perhaps nowhere else in California does the potential for a deadly oil-related accident seem more real than in the North State." Chico News & Review, Alistair Blair. July 10, 2014

New Safety Rules Proposed For Oil Rail Tanker Cars
The Department of Transportation has proposed a two-year phase out of older rail tank cars that carry crude oil under regulations proposed on July 23, 2014. However, there has been no specifications of the tank cars that would replace them. CBS/KPIX5 News article.

The Exploding Threat of Crude-by-rail in California
Diane Bailey of the Natural Resources Defense Council calls for 7 commonsense safeguards. The sidebar of the NRDC page includes downloadable maps of rail routes through Benicia, Davis, Martinez, Pittsburg, Richmond and Sacramento.
Also see Diane Bailey blog on NRDC website.

Coming Events and Actions in Benicia
Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Environment

Trainspotting: What it is and what it takes
Numerous groups have organized to identify and report shipments of crude-by-rail in the Pacific Northwest.
Center for Justice Advocates and Attorneys, Sightline Daily, and Sierra Club of Snohomish County Trainwatch

"Rail versus pipeline" is the wrong question
David Suzuki
"Debating the best way to do something we shouldn't be doing in the first place is a sure way to end up in the wrong place."

Rail and oil industries push delays in adoption of regulation of DOT-111 cars
June 15, 2014. Report on hearing of Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) reveals that industry is driving government officials to delay setting deadline for new regulations.

U.S. DOT Takes New Emergency Actions 
May 7, 2014. Emergency order requires railroads transporting crude to notify state emergency response commissions; safety advisory urges use of tank cars with highest integrity.

A whole lot of oil spilled in the U.S. in 2013
John Upton, Grist

Crude Oil Rail Shipments Disrupting Amtrak Trains
Inside Climate News. January 30, 2014

Recent Rail Explosions Prompt City Review of Proposed Crude Oil Transport
Laura Beans, Eco News. August 13, 2014.
Discusses Benicia officials' requirement for a detailed investigation into Valero's proposed crude-by-rail terminal.

The Rachel Maddow Show
The hazards of "train bombs". Good overview of oil industry and surge to transport oil by rail.
History of the DOT-111A; examines spate of explosions and recent NTSB recommendations.