People's Climate Visuals: Posters

These 18" x 24" posters can be placed in your windows, mounted on cardboard for placards, or attached to a wall. The STOP FRACKING posters are 12" x 18" and printed on a heavier card stock.

The posters are $3 each, and can be picked up in the Berkeley or Richmond. We can also ship the posters to you in a sturdy mailing tube. Add approximately $10 to the cost for up to 20 posters (varies with number of posters shipped).

We also invite you to print your own. Click the link that appears below each poster to download a PDF file suitable for making a print.


Download (PDF, 8½ x 11)
Download (PDF, 8½ x 11)

I care about climate change because...
Grab a marker and declare your own reason for supporting climate action. Stimulates discussion in classrooms and at street fairs. Don't take our word for it, have a look.

Download (PDF, 8½ x 11)

Download (PDF, 8½ x 11)

The STOP FRACKING poster is 12" x 18" and printed on a heavier stock. Two posters can be stapled on to a stick, back-to-back, to make a placard.

Download PDF (8½ x 11. 2 MB)