Public comment on Chevron EIR at Richmond City Council

chevron-explosion2.jpgThe Richmond City Council heard public comment on the Chevron plant upgrade on Tuesday, July 22nd. That morning Chevron announced it was accepting Alternative 11, a plant operating scenario that will result in no physical increase in GHGs. Public comment that evening focused on the whether to require additional conditions of approval set by the Planning Commission (see below). The Council will hear additional comment, ask questions of speakers, and make its final decision on Tuesday, July 29.

The Commission set additional conditions for approval that fall into 3 broad categories.

They are:

  • Stricter pollution emission standards. These standards apply to levels and monitoring of TACs (toxic air contaminants) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • A more thorough upgrade of parts of the refinery that handle highly corrosive high-sulfur crude oil. It was the corrosion of a particular pipe—a condition that Chevron failed to replace despite warnings by inspectors—that caused the Aug. 6, 2012 fire and explosion, shown above. (Photo by Stephen Lam, SF Chronicle.) See an animation of US Chemical Safety Board illustrating the findings of its investigation. 
  • A requirement that the company and the city negotiate a Community Health and Wellness Agreement.

Conditions of Approval
Download the text of the Conditional Use Permit approved unanimously by the Richmond Planning Commission.

Contra CostaTimes article on City Council meeting.