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Communications Resources - Google Drive directory
Browse or download short tips and guides on creating/managing content for the website and html emails. A few of the longer guides are the same as those listed below.

Creating Calendar Entries - Requesting event posts (PDF) Download
Two single page "how-to's", back-to-back. Side one: Using the Google calendar application to create entries for our calendar.
Side two: What's needed for a request that an event be posted on the website or included in the Weekly Announcements.

Events and Announcements Template (Word.doc) Download
This is a Word document you can use to provide all information needed for the webmaster to create a website post. Fill out the template and email it to

Website Guide: Creating Event and Announcement posts (PDF) Download
A 15-page guide to creating posts on our website. NationBuilder Support also has a tutorial page on this topic (we cite its URL in first paragraph of this guide). The NationBuilder tutorial is much more succinct but also assumes more capability on the user’s part. Furthermore, that tutorial is a generic overview and not tailored to our own website design.

Using the NationBuilder Database for Volunteer Coordination (PDF) Download
This 3-page guide describes how to search the database for volunteers, obtain their contact information, and document contacts.

Tagging Standards for the NationBuilder database (PDF) Download
These standards enable those of us who use the People database to construct tags so they list alphabetically in a meaningful order, we avoid creating new tags when existing ones fit the bill, and we understand what they signify.


Sunflower Alliance logo
For printing, up to 5" wide (flyers): JPG
For web or email applications: JPG

Sunflower postcard
For printing up to 3" x 5". JPG, 300dpi, 390KB


Sunflower Alliance flyer, rev.. 11.2014. Color, 2-up, on 8-1/2 x 11. (shown) Download PDF.

The Vision that Drives the Action flyer. 2-sides, color, 8-1.2 x 11. Download PDF

Petro-state flyer: We are pro, we are anti... Download PDF
Slaying of the Petro-state (shown) Download PDF



Sunflower Alliance PowerPoint.
Download PowerPoint
Describes its mission, history and campaigns. Created for the
volunteer appreciation party at Redwood Gardens, Berkeley, March 2014.

Sunflower Alliance PowerPoint: auto-play version
Download PowerPoint
Timed for slides to advance automatically ever 10 seconds. This can be used as a stand-alone presentation.

Minutes of Meetings

October 2013 to December 2014 Sunflower Alliance Assembly meetings (PDF)

May 2014-December 2014 Sunflower Alliance Coordinating Committee meetings (PDF)