Statement of solidarity from San Luis Obispo environmentalists

Phillips66-project-map.jpgGreetings from San Luis Obispo. An accident of geography and jurisdiction has made our county planning commission and our local supervisors the ultimate arbiters of your fate. Though hundreds of miles from your homes, they will make the decision to permit or deny a project that would befoul your air, pollute your water, sicken your children, and could incinerate your town… but you and your elected representatives do not get a vote in that decision.

We know that no city in this state has suffered more from the raw power of Big Oil, and fought harder against it, than Richmond. We feel the weight of the responsibility we have to you, and to the 25 million within the blast zone of the Union Pacific main line.
Richmond has suffered enough. We know you are with us today. Know that we are with you. And we will prevail.
Andrew Christie, Director
Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club, SLO, CA