Support for striking refinery workers at Tesoro in Martinez

steelworkers-strike.jpgRefinery workers of the United Steelworkers Union continue to strike over serious safety concerns at the Tesoro Refinery in Martinez. Showing our support can help them sustain their struggle against short staffing, forced overtime and lack of a stop-work authority to protect against unsafe plant operations.

Across the United States, 5,200 steelworkers from 11 refineries and chemical plants are striking for improvements to health and safety. Here in the Bay Area, workers at Tesoro's Martinez facility have been out every day and night, rain or shine, since early February.

Refinery workers are our first and last line of defense for community safety in the face of an oil industry that puts profits before people. So when they say working conditions are putting the community and the environment at risk, we'd better listen and join them on the picket line!

You can join the striking workers at any time during regular work hours. Plan to go with others to increase your impact and make a stronger show of support.

Tesoro Refinery
Solano Way and Imhoff Drive