Save the date: Monster canvassing event for RPA, August 16!

mike-parker-pablo-baeza.jpgRichmond’s next mayor, Mike Parker, with Sunflower Alliance canvasser Pablo Baeza.

Team Richmond will bring together activists from Bay Area environmental and community groups for a one-day canvassing blitz on Saturday, August 16. You'll breakfast at 9:00, and then team up to knock on a total of 1,000 doors from either 10 to 2 or 1 to 5—or both! Come back and party down at the Bobby Bowen Center from 5:30 on.

The candidates of Team Richmond are, for City Council, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin (termed out as Mayor), Vice Mayor Jovanka Beckles, and Planning Commissioner Eduardo Martinez; and for Mayor, Mike Parker. Learn more about these candidates at

Visit our Team Richmond Campaign page to learn about specific ways you can help get these candidates elected.

Team Richmond is not accepting corporate donations. They welcome volunteers, whether or not you live in Richmond. You can help by canvassing with a local neighborhood canvasser or with a candidate or flyering at local events.

Canvasser briefings are held at the at the RPA office (1021 Macdonald Ave) every Saturday at 3pm. You can also come at 3 pm if you want to just canvass for the afternoon., If weekends don't work for you,  sign up to canvass with a candidate on a weekday afternoon at

You can contact a campaign coordinator at 510-323-2707 or