Video clips from S-A's forum on crude-by-rail

In February 2014, the Sunflower Alliance hosted a series of forums on the oil industry in the Bay Area, and the dangerous new trends in that industry. We were pleased to host Marilaine Savard from Lac-Mégantic, who described how the derailment of a train carrying Bakken shale oil and the subsequent fire devastated her community in July 2013.

Our forum also featured Antonia Juhasz (website), an expert on the oil industry. Antonia's presentation offered an authoritative overview of current trends in the industry. She ends by reviewing successes that communities have had rejecting the fossil fuel industry in their regions.

If you missed the forums or wish to educate people about the dangers of crude-by-rail, please view the videos or share the link to this page with others.

You may wish to skip to particular speakers in this last video:

  • George Monterrey of the Pittsburg Ethics Council starts 3 minutes in.
  • Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin speaks 5 minutes in.
  • Marilaine Savard’s presentation begins at 21 minutes in.
  • Pennie Opal Plant of Idle No More starts at 31:30 into the video.
  • At 42 minutes in, the Mayor and Vice-Mayor Jovanka Beckles present a proclamation from the city of Richmond to Marilaine