“What is Climate Justice?”: a video about Richmond’s battle against corporate greed

chevron-explsn-2012-frm-west_300.jpgIf you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with the concept of “climate justice”. And chances are you have friends and family who are not. Suggestion: send them a link to a short video about Richmond’s battle with Chevron in the aftermath of the 2012 refinery explosion. (See video below.)

“What is Climate Justice?” is one of an ongoing series of short videos and longer programs that you’ll find on the website, This Planet.

Created by Evelyn Messinger and Kim Spencer, This Planet explores our changing environment through compelling video, engaging data-graphics and viral memes. Bookmark it now. http://www.thisplanet.tv/

And in case you're seizing this opportunity to educate others about impact that local organizing can have on issues of environmental justice, you may also want to direct them to Bill Moyer's interview with Richmond's then-Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and journalist Harriet Rowan, Facing Down Corporate Election Greed